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Online bookings for your Veterinary Practice, virtual consultations and easy payments for your clients, directly from their phone.

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Your Practice is the Best...

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Help make your clients a part of your Practice.

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What is Lycus VetCare?

  • A new type of software App

  • Written by Verifac Veterinary Computers, the originators of Practice Computing

  • It runs on your clients' mobile devices

  • It can be integrated into your Practice website

  • It will help elevate your Practice - right up to 'The Best'

What does it do and how can it transform your Practice?

Lycus VetCare helps make your clients into a valued part of your Practice.

It encourages new clients to self-register and makes them fully aware of all the services that you offer.

It allows your client to:

Make appointments online

Check on their vaccinations and repeat medication

View upcoming and recent appointments

See the latest on any pets in your hospital

View your latest news and offers

Buy from a special, intelligent online shop

See their recent chargeable transactions

Pay their veterinary account

And anything that they do or report, is immediately reflected in your Practice Management System - both their record and their account are updated.

To really WOW your clients, it gives them the full ability to access Artificial Intelligence assisted consultation - 24/7!

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Consultations

How does it work?

At any time, day or night, Lycus VetCare is there to listen to your clients and to help them when they have a problem or concern.
Lycus VetCare will guide them calmly through explaining the concern and advise whether it might need emergency treatment.

Your client can explain the problem, either typing or by just talking into their phone.

They can take a couple of pictures and even add a short video clip to explain the problem.
After that they make an appointment, immediately and by using the Lycus VetCare App.

Once the appointment is made, all the entered information, photos, voice description and video clip, are transferred to your Practice Management System ready for you to review.

If Lycus VetCare deems the problem to be urgent, the information and contact details are immediately brought to the attention of the Practice’s duty vet.

Lycus VetCare does a lot more.

To see Lycus VetCare in action, watch the video...

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